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Clan Young UK is a charitable, social, and not-for-profit organization. Its objectives are to establish, promote and increase kinship and good fellowship among the descendants of ancestral Youngs of Scotland, including Sir Peter Young and the Youngs of Auldbar, the Youngs of Lenie, of Eastfield, of Lindbank, of Rosemount, the Youngs of the Lowlands and of the Border, and other Youngs of Scotland. It also strives to research their history and genealogy within Scotland and worldwide, and to foster and promote a common understanding and friendship with those of similar ancestry and minds around the world. Clan membership is composed of men and women who are descendants of any Scottish person surnamed Young, together with anyone with an interest in the Youngs of Scotland, their history, and things Scottish.

The Origins of Clan Young.

As with a lot of Scottish Family Societies, Clan Young originated in America and in the early years 
was the home to all members. It all came about in April of 1987, Clan Young was shown as a dormant Clan in the US publication 'The Highlander' magazine, (which was hardly surprising as the Youngs never were a CLAN in the accepted highlanders’ sense and there has never been a Clan Chief. Subsequently Youngs have never been a SEPT of any Clan either). Edward A Young III from Florida was keen enough to contacted the Lord Lyon in Scotland and asked to convene Clan Young. Permission was granted and a version of the Arms of the most prominent Young in history, Sir Peter Young of Auldbar, was adapted and used as the Clan Badge, and so Clan Young Society Inc. was born. As Members in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom grew, so they created seperate but connected branches to serve the members in that country. First was Clan Young Society of Canada, then Clan Young Society Australia, and lastly Clan Young UK. It should be noted that 'Clan Young' has no Clan Chief and therefore has no legitimacy under Scottish Law, i.e. is not recognised as a legimate Clan.

Clan Young UK started in 2011 when Major Stuart Young tried to join the societies that were set up in Canada and America as there was no society in the UK. He met with Brian Young who had been associated with Clan Young for a number of years as their representative in the UK, and between them, they started Clan Young UK. Membership soon swelled and a full committee was established 


The Clan has four Tartans mostly based on the Christina Young arisaid blanket of 1726, with regional colours added. As well as the Christina Young, there is, Young Modern, Young Modern (Old and Rare), Weathered Young, and Youngs in Australia. Christina Young tartan is the largest and oldest piece of tartan to survive the 1746 banning of tartans and since 1966 has been owned by The Tartan Authority. 

As well as the Clan Young branches in Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom and The United States of America, we also have many Clan members who live in the following countries; Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Nigeria, Uraguay, South Africa, Singapore, and New Zealand. 

There are three main websites for the Clan;
Obviously this site that that you are on now is the Clan Young UK Website. for the Clan Young Society Inc. in the USA.
There is a very active Clan Young Facebook community on no less than TEN pages.

However, we must point out that the Wikipedia page for CLAN YOUNG has been taken over and changed by an unknown troll, and is not worthwhile visiting. We have tried ressoning with this person but he insists on changing it. Clan Young UK and Clan Young branches worldwide do not support or sanction the information on this page. Such a shame.

The head of the Canadian branch, Douglas Young, has written an excellent book and produced two DVDs both called ‘The Youngs of Scotland’, which is now in its third edition and gives you all the information that you would ever need to know about the name YOUNG. To purchase this excellent book, Click here for UK and EU, and for Canada and America, click here.

There is also produced a four monthly newsletter called The Clan Young International Gazette, which is centrally produced by Clan Young UK and is sent by post and email to all National branches for distribution to all Clan Young members of good standing. Here you will find information and history about the Clan, Membership information, news from Youngs all around the world, events that we are holding or attending, out Tartans, our badge, the Clan Shop, advice, and friendship.

Membership of the Clan is the most tangible way that you can show support for the Clan. Your membership shows full participation in the Clan and means that you benefit from certain advantages. If you wish to be part of the UK Clan structure and committee, then you need to be a member. If you want to have 20% off shop items including handmade kilts, then you need to be a member. Discount also applies to functions and gatherings. For membership enquiries for Clan Young UK, click here.

The Clan wouldn't exist without communication with other Youngs, so we encourage all of you to contact us with your comments, photographs, family trees, events, and generally show your support for the Clan by contacting us here.

Other names that are part of Clan Young are YOUNGS, YOUNGSON, YOUNGE, YOUNGER, YONGE, DE JUNG, and JUNG.


Who Are We?

 Executive Officers of Clan Young UK

Major Stuart Graham Young TD 
Clan Young Gazette Editor.
Angus Murdo Lewison Young

Brian Young
Clan Champion & Standard Bearer
Events Manager
Hamish Donald Young
Clan Piper
Callum Stuart Lewison Young
Website Manager
Rosemary Georgina Margaret Young
 Membership Secretary

Anne Coney

  Samanta J Young
Shop Manager

Registered Address

Clan Young UK
‘Machair Tigh’
Dowlans Road
Great Bookham
KT23 4LF